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This Service Charter serves as a framework through which the North West Department of Education and Sport Developmentpledges to provide quality service to its clientele, the people of Bokone Bophirima. It is also intended to serve as barometer to gauge customer satisfaction and provide the public with expected standards through which services received can be measured and referenced against when holding the department accountable. This Service Charted is founded on and supports the Bathopele principles.

The Department of Education and Sport Development is an organ of the North West Province. Its mandate is drawn from Chapter Two (2) (29) of the Constitution – Bill of Rights, which states that: Everyone has the right to basic education, and further sets out rules, values and principles that the Department should adhere to, regardless of age.

VISION: Towards Excellence in Education and Sport Development

MISSION: We provide quality basic education for high learner achievement through educator excellence, as well as sportdevelopment, nation building and social cohesion.


Excellence:We move beyond compliance by going an extra mile,

Innovation:We will continually strive for better and new ways of doing things,

People-centred:We enhance Human capital investment, teamwork and accountability,

Communication:We share information in a responsible and transparent manner,

Integrity and Honesty: We respond to our fellow employees and other stakeholders with honesty, fairness and respect, and

Fairplay:We strive for competitive sportsmanship


The North West Department of Education and Sport Development is an organ of state, as provided for by the constitution ofthe republic, and is responsible for the achievement of the following two outcomes of the Medium Term Strategic Framework of government:

  • Provision of basic quality education
  • Strengthening nation-building and social cohesion


  • Effective and efficient governance and financial systems
  • Improve learner attainment in grades (R to 12) 3, 6, 9 and 12
  • Create, promote and develop sustainable Sport Development Programmes

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