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Education District Excellence Awards

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Minister of Basic Education Min. Angie Motshekga introduced Education District Excellence Awards in 2014. The Ceremony is used to reward and recognise excellence in the sector. Against many challenges, the sector/system is showing good signs which warrant recognition. The awards are one part of a policy dealing with roles and responsibilities of education districts which was published in march 2013.

The policy has been revised to gather the following:

  • Establishing clear policy environment for the work of districts and providing norms and standards as appropriate.
  • Ensuring that districts are manned by the right people in the right roles with the requisite knowledge, skills, capabilities and competencies to do their work.
  • Defining and monitoring the provision of a minimum resource package in all districts.
  • Defining and monitoring standards operations for supporting schools and managing districts.
  • Sharing of best practices amongst district directors.