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 Ngaka Modiri Molema Celebrates World Teachers Day

Ngaka Modiri Molema district has joined the world to honor the role and importance of teachers in the society on world teacher’s day.

The celebration was held at NorthWest University Mafikeng campus on the 13 October. Teachers from the entire sub_ districts gathered to celebrate. The event was divided into two parts . part one was the opening session which was formal and the second part was the games which were  indoors and  outdoor like soccer, netball and volley ball.

World teacher’s day has been celebrated since 5 October 1994 .Teacher’s month celebration aims at revitalizing the image of and respect for teaching and the value of teachers in the South African society, nurturing families, strengthening communities and building the nation.

This year’s national teaching day theme: ”Teaching and freedom , Empowering teachers’’ requires teachers to enjoy professional independence, freedom and the tools needed to deliver quality education which must take into account learners circumstances , needs and expectations.

The district director, Mr. Benny Monale addressed and appreciated the hard work and commitment of teachers. ‘’Teachers you are greatly appreciated for your diligence, hard work, commitment and your choice of teaching profession”, said Benny Monale.