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MEC Sello Lehari addressing the audience at Pitso Letsogile 

The North West Education and Sport Development MEC, Sello Lehari rolled out one crucial concrete of the fifth administration called the Reconciliation, Healing and Renewal to Pitso Letlhogile Secondary School in Phaposane Village on Thursday, 08 February 2018.

MEC Lehari visited the school immediately after allegedly the incident of the Grade 12 learners being injected for pregnancy prevention by the local clinic nurses without their parents’ consent. On his arrival at the school he met with the school management, parents and the girls.

The objective of the Reconciliation, Healing and Renewal programme is to give the province’s citizen a platform to heal the division of the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human right.

It is reported that on the on 31 January 2018, the nurses came and requested for grade 12 girl learners and also requested for a private room to conduct screening.  Pregnancy tests were conducted and those girls who were neither on contraceptive nor pregnant were also given an injection to prevent pregnancy.

Out of 34 girl learners, 23 were given injection, one was pregnant and the others were already on prevention. The ages of the girls ranges from 17 to 23 years of age. Immediately after the incident the department appointed an Investigation Task Team, led by the Director for Employee Services and Labour Relations, to investigate these allegations and to find out if there was any misconduct committed by the educators.

Last year Pitso Lotlhogile Secondary school obtained 80.4% in their matric results. The school recently obtained position one at the National Science Expo for inventing a “foot flashing toilet”, for people with no hands.

The North West Education and Sport Development MEC, Sello Lehari indicated that learners are now left with eight months before they could write their final examinations.

“I want to emphasize that learners really need to focus on their studies since they only have eight months left before they could write their final examinations. I am appealing to parents and the community at large to support the learners in their journey of Grade 12. I wish to highlight that teachers should not victimise the learners who have reported this matter but instead we should salute them”, said MEC Lehari.

Karabo Rakgakala a 20 year old Grade 12 learner indicated that she is fine after the incident and physically she did not have any negative feeling. After completing her matric Karabo would like to study Travelling and Tourism.

Rindi Masigo has a learner in matric anda member of the community of Phaposane village appreciated the support given by the department.

“We thank the department for supporting us since this incident happened and we want our children to focus on their studies only. The more we speak about this, it will defocus them from their studies”, said Masigo.

This contraceptive lasts for six weeks in their bodies and a follow up visit by the nurses will be done after five weeks.