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The North West Education and Sport Development MEC, Sello Lehari condemned in strongest terms the burning of two schools in Madibogopan and Molelema Villages due to the community demands of roads and houses.

At Madibogopan on Friday morning, 23 March 2018, the department received a report that an Administration Block, Mobile classroom and the Strong room with computers and books at G.S. Phoi Secondary School were burnt down. Learners have not been attending school for a period over six weeks due to the community strike. The protracted strike in the area has affected learning and teaching in the area, which resulted in learners and teachers to be unable to schools.

On Saturday morning, 24 March 2018 the department also received a second report that Molelema Primary school in Molelema Village near Taung was burnt down. It is also reported that an Administration Block and the National School Nutrition Programme (NSNP) kitchen were burnt down. In Greater Taung Sub – District, about 19 schools out of 23 have been shut down for almost two weeks due to strike in the area.

The North West Education and Sport Development MEC, Sello Lehari condemned in its strongest terms the act of burning schools.

“On behalf of the department, I strongly condemn in its strongest terms the burning of the two schools in the province. Last year learners of G.S. Phoi Secondary School lost about three months of teaching and learning due to strike. At the end of the year in the matric results, they were at the bottom of district with 46% results. I am pleading with our communities to desist from burning schools as this act creates a huge backlog in the infrastructure for schools”, MEC Lehari.

MEC Lehari emphasized that incidents of strike have a direct implication to the matric performance of the province.