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The North West Education and Sport Development MEC, Sello Lehari expressed his sincere gratitude to all parents for taking part in the 2018 School Governing Bodies Election which ran from 01 March to 31 March 2018.

The primary purpose of the SGB Elections was to invite all parents with children in public schools to take part by electing and allowing themselves to be elected as School Governing Body (SGB) members. The elections show the power of unity by acting instinctively now and in the best interest of their children; elect new school governing body members where anyone’s children attended the school.

A total of 1 493 schools were to embark on the SGB Elections in the four districts across the province but 8 could not elect due service delivery strikes and 8 parents did not attend as expected. These schools will finalize their elections in April and a close monitoring will be done with schools affected by service delivery. 

The North West Education and Sport Development MEC, Sello Lehari applauded all parents in the province for taking part in the elections.

“On behalf of the entire department, I would like to thank all parents for taking part in the SGB Elections by allowing them to be elected or to elect others. SCHOOLS WITH Well structured and functional SGBS have proved to be performing very well academically. I wish them well and success in their term of office”, said MEC Lehari.

The new SGB committees have already been lined up to undergo induction and an intensive training on managing school funds, policy development and issues of governance. The SGBs will be monitored and supported to ensure maximum performance in their execution of their functions.