Current Career Opportunities:

 Reference No  Name of Post  Closing Date  Link
Cir 36 of 2018 Sport Coordinators, Administrative Coordinator 14/12/2018 download
Cir 08 of 2018 PSA Staff Vacancy Circular 08 of 2018 16/03/2018 download
Cir 02 of 2018 PSA Staff Vacancy Circular 09/02/2018 download
Cir 46 of 2017 Administrative Assistants Posts at Public Ordinary School (70) SL5 02/02/2018 download
Cir 45 of 2017 General Assistants Posts at Public Ordinary School (488) SL2 02/02/2018 download

Chief Director: Financial Management (Financial Management Services)

 10/11/2017 download
K28599/2 Director: Executive Support (Executive Support Directorate)  10/11/2017 download
K28599/3 Director: Curriculum Support (Curriculum Support Services)  10/11/2017 download
K28599/4 Director: Assessment Services (Assessment Services Directorate)  10/11/2017 download
K28599/5 Director: Sport (Chief Directorate: Sport and Recreation)  10/11/2017 download

Director: Organisational Development and HR Planning (ODHR Directorate)

 10/11/2017 download
K28599/7 Director: Legal Service (Legal Service Directorate)  10/11/2017 download
Cet/1/2017 Chief Education Therapist (Occupational) Grade 1  25/08/2017 download
EP/2/2017 Education Psychologist Grade 1 25/08/2017 download
SES/3/2017 Senior Education Specialist PL3 25/08/2017 download
CET/4/2017 Chief Education Therapist (Speech and Language) Grade 1 25/08/2017 download
CET/5/2017 Chief Education Therapist (Physiotherapist) Grade 1 25/08/2017 download
Ref. K28251/1 Head of Department (5 years’ contract position) 04/08/2017  download
Ref. K28251/2 Deputy Director-General: Curriculum and Delivery  Branch: Curriculum Management and Delivery 04/08/2017  download
Ref. K28251/3  Senior Legal Administration Officer (3 Posts)
(Legal Administration Services)
04/08/2017  download
Circular 26 of 2017 HOUSEHOLD AIDS (SL2) 21/07/2017 Download
Circular 26 of 2017 HOUSEHOLD SUPERVISOR (SL4) 21/07/2017 Download
Circular 26 of 2017 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (SL 5) 21/07/2017 Download
Circular 26 of 2017 CLASS ASSISTANTS (SL 2) 21/07/2017 Download
Circular 26 of 2017 DRIVERS (SL 3) 21/07/2017 Download
K28166 Director: Infrastructure Programme Delivery 21/07/2017 Download
Circular 41 of 2016 Departmental Public Service Act Staff Vacancy Circular No 41 of 2016 14/10/2016 Download
CIRCULAR 30 Departmental Public Service Act Staff Vacancy Circular No 31 of 2016   Download
CIRCULAR 31 Departmental Public Service Act Staff Vacancy Circular No 31 of 2016   Download
6/2016 North West Department of Education Vacancy List No 6 11/08/2016 Download
K26968/1 HRD Practitioner 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/2 HR Registry Assistant 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/3 EAP Practitioner 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/4 HR Assistant 22/7/2016  Download
K26968/5 Senior Internal Auditor 22/7/2016  Download
K26968/6 Assistant Internal Auditor, Compliance 22/7/2016  Download
K26968/7 Deputy HR Manager 22/7/2016  Download
K26968/8 Assistant HR Manager 22/7/2016  Download
K26968/9 HR Assistant (2 Posts) 22/7/2016  Download
K26968/10 EAP Practitioner (2 Posts) 22/7/2016  Download
K26968/11 HR Registry Manager 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/12 Deputy HR Manager 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/13 Assistant HR Manager 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/14 HR Practitioner 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/15 Assistant HR Manager 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/16 Control HR Assistant 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/17 Control HR Assistant (Conditions of Service) 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/18 Deputy Employee Health and Safety Manager 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/19 Deputy HRD Manager 22/7/2016 Download 
K26968/20 Assistant Administrative Manager 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/21 Assistant Labour Relations Manager 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/22 Assistant Conduct Management Manager 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/23 Driver 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/24 Administrative Assistant (Bophelong Special School) 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/25 Administrative Assistant (Mahikeng) 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/26 Administraive Assistance (Rustenburg) 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/27 Works Inspector (Rustenburg) 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/28 Assistant Inventory Manager (Mahikeng) 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/29 State Accountant (Mahikeng) 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/30 State Accountant (Mahikeng) 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/31 State Accountant (2 Posts) 22/7/2016 Download
K26968/32 State Accountant 22/7/2016 Download

Previous Career Opportunities:

Reference No Name of Post Closing Date Download Link
K25045/1 Chief Quantity Surveyor (Programme Management) 17/07/2015 Download
K25045/5 Electrical Engineer 17/07/2015 Download
K25045/2 Chief Town and Regional Planner 17/07/2015 Download
K25045/6 Architect 17/07/2015 Download
K25045/3 GISc Technician 17/07/2015 Download
K25045/7 Architect 17/07/2015 Download
K25045/4 Civil/Structural Engineer 17/07/2015 Download
K25045/8 Quantity Surveyors (4 Posts) 17/07/2015 Download
K23950/2 Deaf Teacher Assistants (10 Posts) 24/12/2014 Download K23950/2

Please Note:

The North West Provincial Government is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. As the Department is obliged to improve on its gender representative levels, people with disabilities are especially invited to present their candidature.

Applications must be submitted on the Z83 Form, obtainable from any Public Service Department and should be accompanied by a comprehensive CV, certified copies of educational qualifications and Identity Document. Incomplete and unsigned applications will be disqualified. Faxed or e-mailed applications will not be considered. It is the responsibility of the applicant to have foreign qualifications evaluated by South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The short-listed candidates will be subjected to security vetting, reference checking and verification of qualifications. Non-South African citizens must attach proof of permanent residence in South Africa.

Applicants are respectfully informed that if no notification of appointment is received within 3 months of the closing date, they must accept that their application was unsuccessful and that communication including correspondence will only be entered into with short-listed candidates.

Do you need an Application Form? Download Z83 Form here

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